Sunday, May 25, 2008

D.C. Continued

Saturday morning we have a message that our luggage was delivered to the hotel. Wait, nope, only RICK's luggage was delivered! ahh!!!!! I was so disappointed but still, this isn't the end of the world. I was still going to enjoy the day. We left the hotel a little after noon, had lunch and headed to the city. Rick thought the White House was smaller than it looks on TV and thought it should have had a better lawn than it did. That makes me chuckle. Sorry - no pics, because no camera - it was in my suitcase!

We also visited the White House Visitor's Center (really not worth the time to get in) and the Smithsonian Natural History Museum. We really wanted to go to the National Archives but the line wrapped around the block! There are a ton of kids here that are playing in the Memorial Day parade. We loved the museum. My favorite part was the gem and mineral displays - we saw the Hope Diamond and other huge jewels. I was fascinated by this section and the how they are formed. We saw two 3D IMAX shows - Dinosaurs and Sea Monsters.

Luckily, my luggage showed up on a later flight and was delivered to the hotel around 5PM. Yes!! I could get my camera, shower and new clothes!!! We returned to the hotel so I could do just that and then headed to dinner. Rick's hotel was giving away gift certificates for Phillips Seafood restaurant for awhile. Rick saw there was one here so we thought we would try it. Their claim to fame is an all you can eat seafood buffet. The line to get in was really long but definitely do-able. We waited about 25 minutes to get a table. The problem was you then waited in the buffet line about 45 minutes! The food you got at the beginning of the buffet was cold by the time you got to the crab! This of course, was completely unacceptable to Rick (and me because I went to smaller buffets that they had to get other items for us and was sitting at the table by myself just wondering what was going on)! In the end, Rick expressed his sentiments to the manager and he corrected things, in a way. We still wouldn't recommend going during a busy hour!

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