Monday, May 26, 2008

International Spies

We had tickets for the International Spy Museum on Monday morning. The website says to allow at least 2 hours for all the exhibits. Well, Rick was entirely fascinated and we were there about 4 hours! Sorry, no pictures were allowed inside. It was so exciting to see the old camera's and gadgets used by the spies of the 50's and 60's. They had stories of real spies as well as the traitors spying on the U.S. We really could have even stayed longer to read everything.

Afterwards, we ate at a cafe outside across from the Museum and then headed to a Science Museum where we learned about global warming and the spread of diseases. Very interesting stuff. She was a biologist so the exhibits are about work she would have done.

We stopped by the new Crime and Punishment Museum with the intention of going but we were both already so exhausted. So we opted to skip it and headed back to the hotel where we slept until 7pm! We still hadn't seen the Capitol so we took off with the hopes we could still make it to dinner somewhere. We got some great pictures and still ended up finding dinner that was suitable, although we really wanted Italian!

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