Sunday, May 25, 2008


Okay, so some people may be unaware that for the most part Rick is extremely unlucky when it comes to eating out and traveling. At restaurants or fast food, he always gets bad service, bad food or not what he ordered. Traveling, his bags will arrive late, he'll miss flights, flights delayed, canceled, etc. Well, this trip TOPPED THEM ALL! However, I usually have such good luck that we can balance each other out. Soo....

Friday, a number of events prevented us from arriving at the airport on time - UNLUCKY. So we were worried we were going to miss our flights. Rick went to park and I went in. The attendant said our bags wouldn't make the flight but since we had checked in online and had our boarding passes it was just a matter of us getting through security and to the gate before takeoff. The airline attendants said they would put our bags on the next flight and we would pick them up in D.C the next morning - LUCKY.

Security took 5 minutes to get through and we ran through the airport (as the gate was at the very end) and arrived at the gate 10 minutes before scheduled departure - only to find the doors closed. After a minute an attendant came out and said she had given up one of our seats and the flight only had one seat left. What?? We were checked in and verified that we were in the airport 30 minutes prior to takeoff - UNLUCKY! However, we were able to get re-routed on another airline since they were not supposed to give up our seats that early - LUCKY!

We arrived in D.C an hour later than originally planned. We went to get our bags but as the last bag was pulled off, we realized ours were definitely NOT there - UNLUCKY! We headed for the hotel in hopes they would both arrive on the flight that was arrived at 2AM. We were SO tired by this time and had planned on taking the Metro directly to our hotel. By the time we got up there we had a 15 minute wait for the next train and then it was going to take 25 minutes of travel. We had already been told the hotel was 3 miles from the airport. Would a taxi be faster? No, we left the Metro station only to find that it would cost nearly $20 to go 3 miles. How could we justify that when the Metro is only $2.70 for both of us. As we headed back to the Metro station, we almost cried when the train left with only 5 feet between us. We had missed it! So in an effort to save time and just get to the hotel, we had to wait another 20 minutes for the next train. But we finally arrived at 12:30AM at the Hilton. I was just grateful to be done with this day. Even though I didn't have luggage, I just wanted a bed - because, mind you, I'm fighting a sinus infection too!

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  1. Oh my gosh hon!! What a day!! you always have such a great attitude, I probably would have been crying :) You know me :) Glad it finally all worked out!!! ♥