Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Cole and Lyla were playing so cute today that I thought I'd pull out my camera. Though Lyla is so quick now I don't get very many good pics of her as I would like. Cole has always avoided the camera like the plague. The few shots I got of just him CRACK me UP! What is he trying to be? America's Next Top Super Model Toddler? hahaha...I mean, look at his pout!

Hands in the hair...

Oh but he is a sweet boy...

Well, the rest aren't so model-ish and yes, it does appear that Cole is ready to whack his sister, but no, he didn't. He always just wants to squeeze her or hit her or lay on her (which Lyla finds funny). I think he just wants to be close but not sure how to get out this immense affection he feels for her. He never hits her as he stops himself, but this sure makes for a funny picture!

They love to play in Lyla's room on the guest bed and in her crib. This is in her crib. Cole was clapping his hands on her tummy. You would think it hurt but she thought it was hilarious. Silly girl. Whatever he does, she loves.

Oh yes, and she now stands in her crib. This is always fun (not) because she doesn't know how to get down so she just screams bloody murder when she is tired of it. This is especially delightful when she stands up before going to bed. I'm sure all moms have been there.

And lastly, her energy faded and she resorted to her usual stance.

Cole turns 2 years old tomorrow. I can't believe Lyla is almost 8 months. Where has the time gone? Lyla now takes a bottle, and oddly enough, seems to prefer it sometimes. She even takes formula. I've had to supplement for various reasons. So thank heavens she drinks it! Most of all this girl loves to eat. She wants to eat, eat, eat! The exact opposite of her brother in that area for sure. He could care less. Give him milk, milk and more milk. Oh yes, and Cole is officially a "Cars" fan. I think he has watched the "Tractor Tipping" scene 100x's in the last three or four days. Great fun for mom too. Well, actually I prefer watching "Cars" over "Toy Story". For some reason, "Cars" doesn't get old to me. Well, at least not yet...

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  1. i LOVE these pictures! Happy Birthday my beautiful nephew! I love entries like this.