Sunday, September 26, 2010

Yesterday I was reading to Cole after his nap. He asked to read "Pat the Bunny" and when we got to the mini-bunny book inside he started crying. I mean REALLY crying and pointing to the bunny. Then he blurted out "buuunnny"!

Kristina: "You want the bunny?"
Cole: Nods head and points to bunny. "buu-y"
Kristina: "Okay, well, we can get you a bunny."
Cole: Crying harder, REAL tears. "BUU-Y"
Kristina: "Oh, well, we have a little green bunny in Lyla's toys. Do you want that one?"
Cole: Nods head yes.

So I trek downstairs and find the little green bunny only to find when I bring it to Cole he crumbles to a lump of tears. "NO! no!" (More crying.) I am wracking my brain trying to think what he could possibly want. Then I remembered this bunny from Grandma Solotes for his first Easter.

We pulled it out this past Easter and he played with it making him dance but nothing too spectacular. I put him on top of his closet shelf because his stitching started ripping out. Cole never asked about him when I put him away. Could it be this was what he wanted? No way. Well, lets see.

I pull it down and boy do I wish I had the reaction on video. Running to the bunny and holding out both arms "Buuunny!!!!" He hugs him and plays with him for about an hour afterward. Bunny joins us for dinner, for brushing teeth, for sleeping, for breakfast, he wore a tie this morning like Cole in getting ready for church (and almost came to church). Cole put a bib on him to eat. He gives him kisses and tells him "Nigh-nigh" at nap time and bed time.

Cole has a new best friend. Bunny. And mom and dad think it is utterly adorable.

Lyla was my little princess today. I couldn't stop taking pictures of her because she POSES for them. It cracks me up. She LOVES the camera. Plus she had on a pretty dress. :-)

Oh yes, and Lyla crawls. She usually lunges with her feet and plops her head into the carpet and pushes back up with her arms, but today was different. Today she army crawled to get to the Woody doll on the floor. (Cole would normally NOT have that, but he was sleeping.) She can pretty much get to where ever she wants except back into a sitting position which frustrates her but she is getting really close to doing that too so I'm sure it won't be too long. Before I know it she is going to be running around this place - and Cole is DYING for that day to come. He can't wait. I can.

And up next is my first complex photoshopping - took out all the background. I was going to clear up her complexion and add a different background, but hey, it's getting late. Learning how to take out the background was lesson enough for today.

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