Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Yesterday I was getting ready in the bathroom and Cole was with me like usual. He grabbed my contact case, handed it to me and said "Wa-wa" - meaning, "Please put water in here." So I did. Then I continued putting on my make-up. When I looked at him again he had water streaming from his eye down his cheek and he was dipping his finger in the water in the contact case and putting it in the other eye. I cracked up laughing. Seriously, so cute to see him copying me. Even to the extent of poking himself in the eye to put in his "contacts".

We've been having so much fun outside these past couple of days. The mornings are mid-60s so Cole has taken off running each morning as it seems his energy is never-ending when it isn't scorching outside. I love it. Cole loves it. Lyla loves it. We are once again outdoors all day except to eat and sleep. I have lots of video from the past few days too. It seems cooler weather has made us all happy and excited, hence making great video memories. I'll be posting some soon!

(Oh yes, and apparently the kiddos got a hold of my camera touched the lens. So I've got fingerprinty photos and video. Hmm...)

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