Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Easter and More

Tomorrow is Easter and it seems it came too early for me. I didn't get out the baskets or the bunnies or anything at all so it doesn't seem like the normal Easter holiday for me. I blame it on the daze of new mommy-dom.

However, we had an AWESOME visit from Rick's dad and brother, Jim. Jim was a natural with Cole and Lyla. I think Lyla attached herself to him. She was so cute holding his finger and snuggling up with him.

Cole has been having so much to deal with that he hasn't been the best of spirits, but he is an amazing trooper. He is getting all four 2-yr molars at the same time, new baby sister, new home and nap transition - all at the same time. He seems to be coming out of the worst of it now. But through it all, he LOVES his sister. I expected some animosity to creep in towards her but nope, just love. Aww...

I laid her on the boppie and he laid right beside her and put his arm around her legs. I was glad to have the camera handy.

I finally got a double stroller - just an umbrella one - but it works for now. I wasn't sure how Cole would like sharing his space but he LOVES it! He doesn't even want in his previous stroller. I think he mostly loves looking over at Lyla because he does it about every 5 minutes and won't let me pull the shade over her because then he can't see her. He pushes it back up every time. Awww...what a cute big brother, right?

We usually walk to get the mail. We used to do it when Lyla was sleeping because the monitor works all the way to the mailboxes (yes, it is further away than down our driveway). On our walk yesterday, Cole wanted to stop to play with these weeds.

You can see how pleased Lyla was with this momentary stop.

Lyla is growing leaps and bounds and is basically out of anything in newborn sizes. I can't believe how fast that happened because Cole seemed to be in them forever. Seriously, does this look like a 4 week old baby?

She's our little angel and she puts up with a lot as she is often left to "work it out" as I go help Cole or put him to sleep, feed him, etc.

And she is definitely keeping those blue eyes. I can't say this is the most flattering picture but you can see how blue her eyes are so I thought I'd share. And you can see she is getting lots more hair in to fill in the empty front. Yea! If her hair grows as quickly as Cole's, it will be no time before I'm curling it and putting in hair bows. (Yea!)

I've been kept busy this week and am thoroughly exhausted, but all in all it is such a rewarding time for me. I'm so lucky to have this beautiful family!


  1. Look how sweet she is! Love her and of course love Cole, too!! I miss them! I miss you! Happy Easter!

  2. Cole looks incredible huge and old next to Lyla in the stroller!