Friday, October 2, 2009

Teething Mania...

Right after posting about how well Cole was handling teething, we hit a week of crying and sobbing. Poor guy. I didn't realize until this week how very little tolerance I seem to have for crying when there is nothing you can do to soothe the child or stop it. Sometimes Motrin and Orajel just don't cut it either. He's just unhappy. He seems to be getting his right bicuspid in as well and it is causing a noticeable swelling in his face too. Anyway, I'm definitely learning patience. It started last Friday but he gave me a breather last Sunday. This was him during breakfast. . . soooo cute.

He isn't sleeping well so on top of hurting teeth, he is cranky. Every diaper change is an ordeal this week. I practically have to hold him upside down to get it on. He won't even stand up for me to put it on and he screams when I start undressing him to change it. He started the same reaction when I go to put him in the carseat when he just wants to be held. That being said, let me also state how AMAZING he is at playing by himself so mommy can get a little work done now. This has developed while he is hurting and wanting mom all day. Incredible how they mature in phases in the blink of an eye. His new favorite hobby is pulling out his pajamas from his changing table. I don't mind. They are just pj's! The bottom drawer is filled with odds and ends like bottles, pacifiers, changing pads, etc. He pulls those out too but his favorite is the pj's. He will turn around and look at you and seems to say, "See how great I am!?" Goodness, I love that boy!

My little man is really too smart for his own good. I was talking on the cell phone the other day and he wanted to talk as well. After I was finished I gave him the phone slid shut (you have to open it to unlock the phone). He was NOT having that. He grunted a little and handed it back, and then squealed. So I opened it and he was very happy pushing all the buttons. My word! Yesterday he was playing with the dvd cases in the TV stand where the dvd player is also. Again, I don't mind him pulling them out because they are so easy to just put back. I was then able to do other check email on my ipod on the couch. When he crawls over to me and hands me a dvd. My first thought was shock since all the dvds are in the cases, where did he get it? Then I looked at it and realized it was "Baby Signing Time" which was IN the dvd player. He had opened it and pulled it out and brought it to me right away. (I know because I had looked up at him just a few seconds earlier and he didn't have a dvd in his hands or mouth or anything.) I laughed and went and put it back in and we watched it. He loves that video, well, at least the first 10 minutes or so of it.

Cole also loves the swing. He usually squeals with delight. I decided to bring the camera with me this morning but it was a little chilly out which I think hampered his excitement but here is a short video and a few pics anyway. This is not a look of terror but pure of pure ecstasy!

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