Friday, October 2, 2009

And By The Way. . .

We are past the half-way mark in pregnancy #2! Only 3 days left to vote before we *hopefully* find out what this little one will's now 50/50 for boy or girl! I have no clue which it is either so maybe that's why everyone else is too!

P.S. I'm not a very big Halloween fan. I like fall and the colors and the crispness of the air but I don't like scary, oozy, sticky, webby things or masks so I'm not a fan of all that. I'm not big at getting into costume unless it's really dressing up so that limits what I usually do. I know, I'm drab. Speaking of I the worst for not wanting to do a huge shindig for Cole's 1st birthday?!? I mean, we'll have cake and let him eat it (he probably won't since he sort of has an aversion to sweets...but he did chomp down some cherry fruit snacks at my mothers yesterday...hmm). We'll have family get together and such but as for themes, elaborate schemes, lots of people, etc. it just seems like more energy than I have right now. That's okay, right?


  1. I think it's absolutely okay not to throw an elaborate party for a child who will not even remember ANY of it! Ask Jade if she remembers her first birthday, or Jeremiah. Both Jade and Jeremiah we did not do an elaborate party for their first. From 2 yrs on we did the themes. We just had the family dinner and cake. You could do something creative rather than the cake.

  2. We didn't have a party for Finn. But we took him for an outing just the three of us to celebrate turning 1. We went to CPK and had pizza and mac n cheese. Then Wes and Finn ran all over and played at the outdoor shopping center we were at--there wa even a huge fountain show. I took photos, Finn had a blast. It was a fun and special day. I probably won't have a party for Maya's first, either. But Finn will be 3 and has little friends, now. So party it is! I say do what suits you and Cole the best. He'll love it either way! :)
    -Lyndsay signed in as my design self

  3. It is definitely alright! Just enjoy him and your family!!

  4. It's no big deal. He won't care when he's older anyway. We won't have a big party for Cannon either.