Sunday, June 7, 2009

A Few Weeks Highlights

One of my favorite things to do is watch Cole play. He seems to study each toy and carefully decide which one to play with and makes his way to playing with each of them. I really want to know what is going on in that little mind of his! We definitely have a thinker on our hands.

He really enjoys his "cellphone" but one of his favorites is not a toy at all but the remote (not any, but the one he last saw you use). He also really, REALLY enjoys brushing his teeth. Dad's toothbrush is his first pick (An electric one with a really small head.)

Cole and I went swimming a couple of weeks ago. He loved the pool as soon as he got accustomed to the water temperature. Here's a pic of after. Sorry, there wasn't anyone else with us to get a during picture.

I recently purchased these vintage overalls for my little man thinking they would last until he was a year. Sadly, they barely fit now. :-(

Jade, Cole and Jeremiah at the store on one of our errands. Cole wasn't too thrilled about being in the umbrella stroller. He definitely prefers to see who is strolling him around.

"T" thought he was SO COOL!

Jade wanted to hold Cole so badly, so while in Macy's we went up to the furniture section so she could play mom. It was so cute!

I've decided the only word I can think of for what Cole looks like now is cherubic. Just look at those big eyes and puffy rosy cheeks!


  1. What sweet cousins!! Cherubic is the PERFECT word for Cole!!!

  2. Love the vintage overalls! You're right though he is almost grown out of them already! I also agree on the Cherub comment! He truly is the most beautiful baby! I was sure Jeremiah had been the cutest so far but Cole blows him out of the water! He should be a baby model!

  3. Also, doesn't his hair look like dad's and grandpa's when they were baby's?? Look at the pics and you'll totally agree.

  4. he is just such a perfect mix of you and rick, but then again, he looks a lot like his cousins in those pictures! so handsome!