Saturday, June 6, 2009


Sorry about the lapse in posting. You can blame it all on Rick really. He left last weekend to attend a wedding in Utah and returned with a book in hand for me to read. I had already warned him multiple times that I had to be READY to read. I already know that I just drop everything and become totally irresponsible and do nothing until the book is finished. I hesitated to start it knowing that is probably what would happen again but Tuesday I started it and...Tuesday I finished it and then Wednesday sort of re-read it again (the parts I liked) and Thursday got another book and Friday...and another today... Rick mockingly asked me last night, "Are you feeding my son? Are you changing his diapers?" Of course I am! I actually have been having a ball with Cole. We even spent time with my niece and nephew this week. Then he asked, "Are YOU eating?" Um, yes and no. I don't really get hungry when I'm reading. But I am also an extremely fast reader. I also have been skipping naps, not working out and I've been staying up late. So by today I'm feeling pretty beat but the reading will be over this week and that's usually how it goes. I'm like a bulemic reader. I binge read and then don't read for months or even years to make up for the total waste of a week or two of life. Silly, I know. But that is the reason for not posting for a week or so.

However, like I said, I didn't slack on the "mom" part of life. Promise. Cole actually developed a new habit in the process...he now rolls ALL OVER the floor and it keeps him completely happy. He loves this new sort of freedom. When I put him on the floor he keeps his knees tucked in so that he's on all fours until he decides he can't really go anywhere like that...yet. He'll kind of rock there for a minute sometimes. So the crawling may come soon, or may not. He also LOVES to stand up holding onto the ottoman. He thinks he's SO BIG.

Today I put him in his excersaucer again and usually when he pushes the buttons that make animal noises I'll say them too. Well, today he thought me making the doggie bark was SO funny. We laughed and laughed together and then I thought "OH! I'd better get this on video." Having laughed a lot about it already the video is sort of weak but you get the picture.

I picked up Jade and Jeremiah from school on Wednesday and we ran errands. They are SO CUTE with Cole. Jade is so motherly which actually shocks me. She is ultra attentive to him and tries to soothe him when he's upset. Jeremiah just keeps asking why he is whining. They both got a kick out of watching him roll over and I thought their eyes were going to pop out when they heard him "talk" as they said (You know, the momma, dadda, baba thing.) Jeremiah kept saying, "Oh, I wish he would say "googoo gaga". It took quite a bit of explaining to get him to see that Cole probably would NEVER say that and most babies don't. He was so disappointed. We played with Jade and Jeremiah on Friday too. They couldn't be prouder of their cousin. When I picked them up from the Gym Child Care center they were shouting to everyone, "HEY! This is my cousin!! His name is Cole!!" It was so cute. As we ran more errands, they each took turns sitting next to him in the back seat. It was so much fun to watch them kiss him and tell Cole they love him.

I'll post some pics soon.


  1. That's why I don't read either!! Once I start...! Glad you got some good books in, though, and your little man can only benefit from you taking time for you!

  2. OH! So cute! These are the things I miss by not living close! The kids already look so much bigger since I was there last! I'm completely the same way when I read! Jeff hates when I find a book b/c he doesn't like to read and therefore I ignore him. The book consumes me though and I have to finish! I love you and we need to find a good time to skype.