Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Silly Cousins

So Cole also has a fairly recent fascination playing with his feet. As soon as he lays down his legs go right up in the air so he can grab his feet. It's so cute. I got a couple of pics right before bath time the other day.

Jefra had her baby shower last Saturday. Jade and T were so excited to hold Cole. This was Jade's first time holding him as she had been very hesitant about this new little guy. Now she's all warmed up and ready to hold him. Cole loved her so that got her even more excited. Hopefully, she's all prepped now her for her new little cousin, Cannon, coming soon!

This picture cracks me up! Everyone is doing different things and looking like kids having fun should look - crazy hair and all!


  1. Oh so fun to try and get pictures of more than one child at once!! I love pictures that capture real life like that! Cute! :)