Monday, April 13, 2009

Aunt Kylene and Easter!

Happy belated Easter everyone! It is actually my favorite holiday even though I have absolutely no decorations for it and we didn't do candy or Easter baskets this year. Maybe that's why it's my favorite. I like the simplicity of it focusing on the Savior. Although Grandma and Grandpa Poling sent Cole an Easter basket that belonged to Grandpa Poling when he was little which both Rick and Jimmy used. So now Cole gets to use it too! They also sent a super cute v-tech Teddy bear - which Cole already finds fascinating - and some cute clothes! It was a beautiful day here with fresh morning rain followed by the sun. It was just great. Sadly, Rick had to work on Easter so that was a bit different. I actually accompanied the church choir on the organ. I usually just "mock" play the organ since I'll skip the feet. But I worked at this piece so it would sound like it was supposed to with the feet and all. In the end I think it sounded good. I'm very grateful for opportunities to enhance the talents the Lord has given to me.

The best part of Easter weekend was time spent with my sister Kylene! It was our sister-in-law Beverly's birthday Friday so we had a family dinner on Sunday for Easter and her birthday. Saturday night Kylene and I made cupcakes instead of a birthday cake and make a cake stand for them. We got the idea from a friend of Ky's. Our ended up being a little "mad-hatter-ish" but we enjoyed making it none the less. The problem was we had to cut styrofoam so it was difficult to get it to lay even. But here was the end result!

Cole Update:
*He is rolling over more easily now (still need to capture on video though) and he doesn't mind being on his tummy anymore.

*We are slowly reducing his doses of Prilosec and is doing well with relatively little medicine. I've even missed a dose here or there and he hasn't had a terrible reflux fit afterward.

*His naps are getting more stabilized but this past week his evening wakes are totally different. He's been going down at 7:30 but now gets up at 10:30 for a feed! It makes me wonder if we really should start him on cereal soon. We are so reluctant to do so because he has shown so many sensitivities. For example, when we were having cake and ice cream yesterday, we gave Cole just a teensy amount of ice cream to see if he would even eat it. Normally, Cole doesn't even open his mouth to try anything as he hasn't had any interest. Well, he tried it and maybe had 1/16 of a teaspoon all together. He broke out in hives on his face about 5 minutes later! No milk for this boy! I kind of knew that since his skin will get really red even when I drink milk (so I drink Soy).

*Cole is also doing well with sitting up. He still needs a little support because he can't hold himself up very long and if he leans forward too much he doesn't have the back strength to pull himself back up but he is doing so well. I'm so proud of him! I boxed up his preemie, newborn and 0-3 month clothes this weekend. I can't believe how small he used to be!

*In other news, he is losing quite a bit of hair. He has hardly any on the sides or back now. It's just all on top - he's the opposite of an old man! It looks like he still has a lot of hair in his pictures because of how long the top and the very front is though. But here's a pic that shows just how little he has.

He has such a sweet temperament. He is calm, observant and happy almost all the time. Even if he is tired or hungry he will be so well behaved. I look back on those first 3 or 4 months and am so grateful those fussy colic days are well behind us! Oh, and I almost forgot - he likes to hang upside down.

Roll the Pics!

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