Saturday, May 12, 2007

Rick Runs for Office

Rick decided back in January that he wanted to run for school board feeling it was time to get more involved. He ran a great campaign putting up signs and talking to as many people as possible. Towards the end he teamed up with Elizabeth Frey and Aaron Johnson to have a united campaign. A local parent support group who sponsor a blog called "Kids First" also gave Rick their support. This really helped get his name out there are well as his stand on various issues. This was a hot year for the election since the current superintendent is retiring.

News 8 did a story on all the candidates running for school board and Rick got great coverage. Unfortunately they've taken the video down. Boo!

Although Rick didn’t win we feel he did a great job for being new to the area, running against 4 other candidates and being the youngest - he got over half the vote in Travis County and 17% of the vote total. Go Rick! I’m so proud of you!!

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