Friday, October 19, 2012

Rick traveled to North Carolina for a job interview at The Club at Longview and was able to stay with his family and enjoy a dinner at the Trump National Golf Club in Mooresville.

Of course, this is the job he ended up accepting which lead us to North Carolina.  Longview is a really pretty club with an Old English European theme to it and all the houses surrounding it.

So we prepared to leave Miramont Country Club in College Station, TX but before doing so had some really fun outings.

Papa and Grandma Rees took us to Sea World in San Antonio.  None of us had been there before and it was a great place for little kids.

Unfortunately, we didn't get many pictures.  I guess we were too involved in what there was to see.  But I did snap this reaction to Cole seeing Shamu the Whale!

And while watching the dolphin show we ran into my cousin Angela and her family whom I had not seen since she and her husband Jeremy got engaged.  As you can see that was a long time ago! Thanks Kylene for actually taking pictures. :-) What are sisters for?

We made another trip to the Houston Children's Museum where Lyla was thrilled to be allowed to color on her face.

They love all the different stations in the science section and could stay hours baking in the little restaurant.

They are getting big for this now if we were to go back now, but the upstairs level has a padded outdoor area to drive cars with miniature road signs and lots of different cars.  They usually spend the most time here.

Well that and the water and outdoor play area downstairs.  Cole loves filling up the big bowl and runs away before it dumps out.  They had a maze set up as well for the Halloween season. Cole wanted to see how fast he could make it through.

They discovered the older kids area where they can surf or snow ski.  Cole and Lyla tried it sitting, laying down, standing, sliding or whatever way they could think until the big kids showed up.

Oh yes, and lets not forget the grocery store.  Lyla wears all the name tags and collects all the money.

We went to a pumpkin patch that also had a maze, farm machines, and of course, lots of pumpkins.

The TAMU sponsored Children's Barnyard is always so fun.  They can pick up baby chicks, see horses, cows, sheep, pigs and a large tractor all up close and personal.

Daddy took them on the Austin Steam Train again.  This is definitely a favorite activity of theirs. They usually go downtown and play at the Austin Children's museum.

We had our family pictures taken by the lovely and talented Lauren Bertoldo, of course, they have left TX now too.  Omaha, take care of the Bertoldos!  Here are a few of our favs.  There were SO MANY great ones. (Lyla was being a stinker and doing her fake smile - lower jaw sticking out - or none at all.)

Oh yes, and we must have SPOONS frozen yogurt!!!

But we still had more adventures in Texas.  Dad started working in NC in November but we stayed until after Christmas before leaving the big state of TX.

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