Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Just some fun and precious moments from this summer...

Blowing colored bubbles...a new favorite activity (once they learned NOT to suck up the straw).

Painting at the Brazos Children's Museum

And building houses there too (just like his Papas Solotes)

Playing in the water fountains at Lowes

A Santa beard...thanks to his primary teacher, Sister Newton (who is a creative genius with children).

Making what Cole calls "water-sink" and what mom calls a disastrous monstrosity, but is requested nearly daily by the children.

Playing with Pipe Cleaners.  Lyla was more into this than Cole.

Searching the driving range for golf balls and running and running and running on the softest grass found in Texas.

And of course, visiting the park and filling up trucks with "treasure".

And of course, Blue Bell factory. See Aunt Ky's post for more fabulous pics of this weekend with her.

Now why don't I have any pictures of us at the pool when we were there every single week?  It's a mystery.

And Lyla gave up naps for the most part this summer.  It all started with "crazy naps" dreamed up by big brother where they basically played together without fighting.  The crazy naps started out about an hour long. They have shortened significantly since.  The above video and below are of their excitement after the very first "crazy nap" - realizing they could have SO MUCH FUN together without mommy around. :-)

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