Sunday, January 22, 2012

One of the fancy toys received for Christmas was a Power Wheels truck.  The kids loved to sit in it and play with the real radio, but the sound of the tires and engine scared them silly at first, causing Lyla to jump out and Cole to get wide-eyed.  It took a week and some coercing, but they finally got used to it and now love their truck.  Mom REALLY loves their truck because now the backyard is FUN and I can start preparing dinner or anything else with them outside and safe.

Cole wanted to drive the truck but was just too timid.  We watched some youtube videos of others driving and that got him in the seat but he didn't want to hold the pedal down.  Finally, mom sat in the passenger side and pushed the petal while he drove.  I slowly moved his foot to the pedal and he realized, "HEY! This is easy and Fun!"  He loves changing the speed from slow to fast and really loves to drive backwards. Guess he is trying to be Mater. :-)

This was taken after church one week after Christmas.  The first thing the kids did when we got home was run in the backyard and hop in the truck.  Lyla is a first rate passenger too. She thinks all Cole's crazy driving is exciting, even if it does jostle her around.  Cole has even gone on the sidewalks and an ally road with his truck - his maneuvering is pretty good too!

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