Thursday, January 19, 2012

The kids are enjoying the cool days and the warm days this winter, but most fun for me is how they are interacting more and more.  Lyla loves to play in the dirt and mud right along with Cole using all the tractors and cars he has.  The road construction by our house has finished but now they are building new homes and Cole is definitely supervising those activities now.

Here are some pics of them playing by the cleared land for the new homes...

And yes, that is Lyla picking dirt out of her mouth with her dirty hands. hahahh!  She just HAD to see what it tasted like!

For the most part our days have been 50's or higher temps but we have a few days of 30's and 40's.  The kids thought the cold was fun at first but now Cole says to me after a few minutes, "Mom, it's FREEEEZING!  Let's go inSIDE!".  Hmmm...wonder who he learned that from???

One of the funniest and delightful things to watch them do is "play rough".  I think I've posted about this before.  Well, their new thing is that they want to be naked - sometimes with diapers, sometimes without, sometimes with underwear.  I can't believe they even want to because it is still chilly in the house without clothes!  Well, anyway, one day they were doing their thing when they decided to play chase and then play rough.  I happened to have the camera handy. I love to hear them laugh!

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