Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Lyla is getting so big.  She speaks really well but doesn't enunciate enough for strangers to understand her.  I started listing all the things she says the other day and finally quit when I filled an entire sheet of paper all over.  It's all happened so quickly!  She is fiercely independent but is beginning to realize that a little help from mom isn't all that bad (thank heavens).  She loves to climb and does many things that Cole would never have done at her age.  For example, this playground ladder.  She got it without help on her first attempt. After doing it a few times, she started to realize there is a chance of falling so she kept saying "help, help" in the video.  She just wanted me there to make sure.  She climbed up it a number of times after the video too without saying help.

She still loves her blanky and doesn't go many places without it.  And she still sucks those fingers.  Occasionally she finds it amusing to play with a pacifier instead of her fingers but really, she is happy with what she has got.

She is a book aficionado. She still prefers to read them to herself but sometimes lets mommy read one, okay maybe two, books to her.  She is will spend a great deal of time just flipping through books each day.  The librarians promised me that is just as good as if I were reading to her so I quit trying to prod her to let me read with her.  She also loves to build things with blocks, legos, stacking cups, etc.  She is really good at it as she has really good coordination and balance.  Lyla loves to sing and since she repeats sound well she is pretty good at it. Strangers won't know what she is saying but they will know what she is singing because the tune is spot on.  Her "Twinkle, Twinkle" is so cute it makes you want to cry. (promise.  it's not just because I'm her mommy.)  She enjoys "Super Why" and "Thomas" ("choo-choo's" to her) with Cole and frequently asks for "Whhy, Whhy" even when Cole isn't around.  She enjoys watching "Signing Time" but almost never signs anything.

Lyla is daddy's girl 100% and boy does she have him wrapped around her little toesies too.  She lights up like a Christmas tree when he comes home and jumps up from wherever she is and runs to him yelling "DaaAaadddEee!!!"  Heartwarming.

I think Cole is becoming more of a momma's boy because he only lets me put him to bed.  On the nights he wakes up for some reason or another (sick, storm, etc.) but that is because he knows he has a really good chance of getting in bed with mommy and daddy if Dad comes.  He has about 0% chance with mommy.  (cruel, I know.)

Cole is almost three and is definitely maturing.  He speaks SOOOOO well that it even shocks Rick and I.  He is still shy but is getting better at trying new things or meeting new people.  He is starting to give up naps here and there but does really well at playing in his bed for about an hour or hour and a half if he doesn't nap.  Thank goodness!

These two fill my days with craziness and delight.  And I love it!

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