Saturday, May 21, 2011

These kiddos are two peas in a pod most days. They love to play together. Usually Lyla gets rolled on and squeezed by Cole. Yesterday he started rubbing her head in the grocery cart just to annoy her. It starts early, doesn't it? But generally they are all loves and hugs. Lyla watches and copies Cole and Cole thinks Lyla is funny. He gets excited when he sees her do something new too. Here they are having milk after their naps. This was a month or so ago because Lyla doesn't use bottles now.

We pulled out the sprinkler the other day and let the kids run around. They mostly stayed away from it but enjoyed being in their bathing suits.  Cole plays in the dirt - but only with his gloves on.  Silly boy.  I love this suit that my sister-in-law Beverly gave to Lyla.  She liked it too. She didn't want me to take it off.

Cole loves to watch mommy put on makeup and I let him play with my brushes. Sometimes I let him use the cover up and he makes dots all over his face. Well, this time I was NOT paying attention when he got into the blush and had a heyday!

Grandpa Poling came for a visit last weekend.  We loved having him here. Cole was uber excited as he continually asks to go to Chuckie Cheese with Papa Poling.  They have some one-on-one time there and he loves every minute.

The purpose for the visit was to see Rick graduate!  YEA!!!  I was so proud of Rick.  It is some dang hard work to study while working, having a family and being so involved in church.  There should be special awards given to those who do it successfully!

Seriously, I could not be any happier. There are not many who can juggle so much and maintain sanity and happy relationships. Rick manages it all with finesse.  He is truly inspiring.  But I am so glad it is done too!

There is a train that drives around inside the mall by my parent house. They started it at Christmas and just kept it going.  Cole and Lyla rode it at Christmas and loved it.  So when we were in Austin for Rick's graduation we made sure we took them again.  Just look at his excitement even before it started!

Lyla wasn't too sure at first but trust me she got into it!

Watch the video to see Lyla hanging out the window...

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  1. I love Cole's excited face! I hope that wasn't your discontinued blush!