Thursday, January 27, 2011

Lyla shocked me yesterday when she learned and used without prompting the signs for "milk" and "more".  I was pleased with the milk but didn't expect her to learn another one in the same day, especially since I had never signed "more" for her before.  My little princess is growing up.  Here's a video of "more". It is a little hard to get milk on video since she does it randomly, namely when she wants it and then I run and get it so she doesn't think her signing goes unheard.

We spent the past few weekends in Austin. Cole loves being there since it is 100% playtime. He loves having new toys to play with and his cousins to enjoy. He really can't stand to leave he loves it there so much. I literally have to force him in his car seat. Poor thing. But he loves it once we get home too because he forgot about his cool things here.

Cole finally adjusted to the dog, "Blue", and even asked to hug him. All the little kids love to play in Blue's kennel.

I think he is getting over his fear of animals and heights because today at the park he let the goose eat out of his hand AND he climbed up and slid down the TALL slide all by himself!  Cole is really taking off with his vocabulary too. He tries to copy most every word I say now. Prior to this he was so afraid to say something wrong he wouldn't try. I'm so proud of him! 

Jefra tried to get a great pic of all the cousins together but being that they are all so young that is probably going to a one in a million shot. I just love this one though because not one of them is looking at the camera.  Oh kids...

Lyla and Ally are now 11 months!  I can't believe how quickly time is flying by.  They love to sit by each other and play.  Ally is a lot taller than Lyla. She is going to be the tall, lean, shy cousin while Lyla will be the shorty but bubbling over with personality.

This past Monday, I played with Lyla, Cole and Cannon outside.  They had such a great time together. As usual the only problem we have with sleep while at Grandma's is being exhausted from playing so much!  We even wore out Cannon.  I swear he would have fallen asleep in his highchair during lunch if Lyla hadn't been teasing him. Here's the little cherub knocking on the back door to get Lyla's attention.

And he got it!  Lyla loves to play with Cannon.  She teases him, pokes at him and pulls his hair - just like she does with Cole.  She tries her darnest to keep up with those two.

Oh and let me just say that I am SO grateful for beautiful Texas sun!  I love being outside with my kids.  Though I must say I may speak differently come July.

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