Sunday, December 12, 2010

Each Christmas season we say we are going to get out Christmas cards. Yes, it is a dying tradition, but I love getting them and so I should be sending them. But, alas, another season will pass and I will NOT get them out. Life is pretty busy and hectic but so delightful too. I love this time of year. 

Christmas and Easter are my favorite times.  I love the slight chill in the Texas air (nope, not a fan of cold). I love the newness of life around Easter. Truly the two are linked for we would have no Christmas, no rejoicing, no giving if there was no Easter. We celebrate Jesus' birth because of the life he lived and the sacrifice he gave.  We celebrate Christmas and show our love for others because He loved us. 

No matter what you may believe, it can be an occasion to give and to love.  It need not be founded in a faith in Christ, but I am grateful for the faith that I have.  This is a video reminding us of the true meaning of Christmas set to a beautiful song.  I rarely share personal insights like this or even topics at all related to religion, but I felt it important to share a little of the joy that is taking place in our home at this time of year and this video and song represented it perfectly. I hope you take it as a little "Christmas Card" from the Polings.  Maybe next year we will finally get the real thing out. Merry Christmas!

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