Monday, November 1, 2010

My kids are just growing up so quickly!

Lyla is starting to crawl in a more traditional manner, though she still plops to her belly and army crawls. Her preference is standing mostly. She can hold a stand using pure balance and determination for up to about 5 or 6 seconds. She is speedy at getting away from me during diaper and clothing changes. But she is so cute and proud of herself for her accomplishment it just makes it funny.

She enjoys eating baby food now but prefers whatever we are eating. You can tell when she really likes something because she'll make "yummy" sounds. I love finding things she loves to eat!

Cole gets jealous of Lyla at times but mostly adores his sister and enjoys playing with her. He is looking forward to her being stronger and able to take his wrestling easier.

This is a funny clip of Cole dancing to the music on Toy Story. He was very excited this day. He was eating cold rigatoni pasta and calling it cheese. He ate it like candy.

See these two large balls? We have these as $2 alternatives to what he wanted at Target. I don't remember what it was he wanted when I got the green one, but I got it because he doesn't really have many soft balls at home to play with and he seems to like the larger ones. I got the red one because he was SO UPSET that I wouldn't buy him a baby doll that crawls. He saw it on the shelf and just went crazy. He put it in the basket and begged for the "Beebee!" Usually he is pretty good at getting distracted and we can leave the store peaceably but not this time. I tried telling him he has a REAL baby at home and doesn't need a fake one. That obviously didn't cut it. The ball didn't take away all his complaining for the baby but I wasn't going to fight two wants at 8 in the evening. I gave in to the ball. He loves them. They're cheap and fun. The only problem? He wants to sit on them but doesn't like falling off.

Saturday before Halloween was full of fun, fun, fun. Cole dressed up like Woody from Toy Story, minus the actual shirt and he refused to put on the boots. His hat looks like a Mexican Sombrero here too. Actually he fought me putting it all on. After all, I had just woken him up early from his nap in order to get them both ready for the Hay Ride at Miramont as well as the Trunk or Treat at church. You can see how excited he was about getting dressed up.

The activity at Miramont was small but very nice. Cole decorated a pumpkin with puffy stickers and sugar cookies with all sorts of candy and icing.

This is Lyla in her pea pod. It was Cole's costume from last year. He wore it (okay, squeezed into it) at 12 months old. Lyla didn't even wear it as well as Cole (aka, squeezing into it even more) at only 8 months!

A few minutes later she was like this...and stayed so pretty much the rest of the evening.

Cole loved the Hay Ride because he is VERY into tractors from "Cars" and from the construction going on in front of our house. Here he is with daddy on the ride while eating candy.

Here are a few more pics from the Miramont event.

Afterward we went to the Trunk or Treat at church. If you have never heard of one before let me sum it up. People open their trunks up in the parking lot and pass out candy. Some decorate them, some don't. And kids go from car to car "trunk or treating" instead of house to house. It's a safer and faster version of the traditional Halloween routine. It is rowdy and so much fun. There were about 50-60 cars there I think so LOTS of candy, though I didn't let Cole take any home actually.

Halloween day was pretty calm. We didn't even get many kids by the house. I think we just live too far back in our neighborhood because there were TONS of people up near the entrance. Cole and Daddy played with some sparklers outside but we didn't go out other than that.

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  1. Cole is absolutely darling dressed as Woody!! He looks way too cute (even with a pouty face)! I love how you pieced it together yourself instead of just buying the costume. I can't believe Lyla hardly fit in the pea pod! That girl has got some chunk! Your kids are SO cute and they are growing up WAY too fast! I love them so much!