Thursday, September 2, 2010

Lyla had her 6 month well check today. She is doing great! She is now 15 lbs (25th percentile) and 25 inches long (20th percentile). Oddly enough her length at 4 months was 25 inches as well. Hmm... even stranger...Cole's 4 month length was about the same as his 6 month length. Either it was a fluke reading at 4 months for both of them or my babies don't get taller in those two months.

Cole's Length vs. Lyla's:

Anyway, being that she now hovers around the 25th percentile her growth has slowed since she was at 50th or so at the 4 month mark. That seems about right since she is smaller than other babies we know at her age now - including her favorite cousin, Ally. But she is still very healthy as anyone can see from her super chub thighs. (Sorry about that babe!)

Cole's Weight vs. Lyla's:

She still has decided she doesn't want to eat baby food which is okay by me. However she is nicely drinking a little water from a sippy cup. Wow! Definitely not like her brother in that arena. It isn't a lot but she actually seems to enjoy nibbling on it and then drinking a little. Oh, and she sort of eats fruit (see video)...we put apple slices in the netting. She sucks on it for a little bit but just tires of it even if you hold it. I just don't think she likes anything but milk - definitely like her brother there! Cole glady finishes these off for her, as well as any baby food I make for her to try. Jealous much, are we? Yes. He wants anything we are giving her.

Lyla loves to touch faces, looks you in the eye and smiles when you talk to her. The doctor said that babies who love to touch faces are extroverts when they grow up. Again, definitely NOT like her brother. So we'll have our shy guy and our outgoing little girl. They'll make a great pair. :-) They already do.

Oh yes, and Lyla is a pretty good sitter now (even though the videos are from when she first started learning). She even rides in the cart at the grocery stores without a problem. It seems so odd to me because she is so tiny but she holds herself very still and enjoys the ride!

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  1. I told mom that they are just like Bert and Ernie. Bert likes his routine and his special items and likes things orderly and quiet. Ernie is outgoing and silly and is always smiling! See, Lyla and Cole make the perfect pair!