Saturday, September 26, 2009

9 Month Photos and More

So pics from this post are those we ordered from Cole's 9 Month Session. It seems we just had them done but here it is almost time to get the One Year! Just remember these are scans of the actual photos. Which technically I guess I'm not supposed to do that but since I did let me say something about the photographer. She's awesome. She's really good at what she does if you like the studio type shot. For the young babies, I do. We did some with natural lighting (see 4 months) and in the end with all the skin fixes for babies blotchiness, etc. the pictures we got just weren't his coloring really. They were beautiful but I think I prefer studio shots for babies and outdoors or natural lighting for older kiddos. Just my opinion I know. She is great at being patient, having a million different classic poses and backgrounds with new toys for babies to enjoy. She used to do it out of her house but just moved to Round Rock. Yuck. Anyway, the BEST thing about Lesley is the prints you get. I cannot adequately describe how beautiful they are. I've never seen a print like it - ever. They are basically like thin pieces of wood almost with gold around the sides if you looked at it from the side. There is not a print paper name or anything because it isn't paper. It isn't canvas either. But it's sturdy and the clearest picture I've ever seen. I will end this with a disclaimer: She's expensive. Had we not gotten 4 free session we would NEVER have gone with her. The prints, though beautiful, are paid for in the price.

In other news, last Monday I decided to try and give Cole baby Whole Wheat Cereal. He had some around 6 months but didn't handle it too well. I remember he spit it up. Well, I only gave him 3 bites and almost instantly he started acting sick. He got really pale and just wanted to cuddle and he whined while we rocked. I was so sad for him! About a half-hour later he seemed to be feeling a little better so we went and sat on the bed and talked to Rick. Suddenly, from out of nowhere he vomits (over me and the bed I might add...ew...) I threw him in the tub and started to wash him down while Rick cleaned up the bedroom. (Thanks Honey! So glad you had the day off work!) Cole didn't like the bath at all and jumped into my arms soaking wet to get out. I wiped him down quickly and got him out. He cuddled in his towel with Dad for a long time, then seemed to be doing a little better. I gave him some Benedryl and we started to get him dressed. When I stood him up he vomited again. This time a little over me but Rick caught most of it with the towel. (Thanks again!) Tears filled my eyes. How could I do this to my little boy!?! How was I to know such a violent reaction was going to happen?! It took a few hours before our little man started smiling and laughing and willing to get down from our arms. I was so baffled by this reaction because Cole eats wheat bread all the time as well as regular cereals with wheat in them, pastas, etc.

Well, we ran out of soy milk on Tuesday but when we went to the store I thought, "Well, he's had cheese and a little milk and hasn't had hives like usual so maybe he's ready for milk. It's cheaper and has more fat which is better for him." I bought whole milk. So onto Wednesday. He had eaten some lunch but was still a little hungry so I mixed up some oatmeal with whole milk. Again he had three bites when he shivered and grimaced his face like he had with the wheat cereal. I instantly stopped and waited for the sick reaction. I didn't really get one but I quit feeding him. I had a piano student come by for her lesson about 20 minutes later and about 20 minutes into her lesson Cole started throwing up. I was faster to recognize his signs and got him to the sink ASAP before everything I was wearing was ruined as well as the carpet. The poor guy emptied his stomach for sure. But this time he felt better very quickly afterward. What kind of mother am I?!? I was so distraught. I pulled the wheat cereal out from the trash and read the ingredients..."whole wheat, whey protein"...wait, WHEY PROTEIN! That's a milk protein. Oh my goodness my son is allergic to whey. That has to be it because why else can he eat cheeses and other milk products and not get so sick? Now granted, he never eats a lot of them but he doesn't grimace nor does he get sick at all. Well, now we know. By the way, unlike other instances with milk when he was younger, no hives, no rashes, nothing. Just vomit. Such a weird reaction for an allergy. Maybe it's not an allergy? He's definitely not sick though (besides the bad 3 days of teething we've had this week...ugh...just when I wrote how good he was doing too...)

In pregnancy news, I already feel as big as a house and every night I am so bloated and gas-y from all the day's food I'm guessing (just what you wanted to know, right?) that I feel monstrous before bed. I'm glad that each morning I'm back to somewhat normal. Still, I know I wasn't this big at this point with Cole. I feel so much larger in my hips and butt than I did with Cole too. Guess the second just feels different. Oh well!

And finally, stolen from Jefra's blog (Thanks!) a pic of Cannon and Cole. Cole kept trying to put his finger in Cannon's mouth but we failed to get a pic of that and we were heading out at this point because it was Cole's naptime so he wasn't too excited about a picture session. This is the best we could do. :-) Cutie Cousins!


  1. Throwing up can be the sign of an allergy on it's own. I am so sorry hon!! NO fun! I wonder if this is something he will outgrow? Poor little guy!!

    And you are TINY silly girl!! You're halfway, and barely showing. You look great! Maybe you are bigger than this point with Cole (I don't remember exactly but you always looked amazing!) and yes your body will get bigger faster with each pregnancy (generally), but you are still so little!! I can't wait to find out who is in there!! Did you change your u/s date?

    Hugs, Christina

  2. Throwing up is an allergic reaction. A kid in Eiley's class is allergic to peanuts and he said he throws up when he eats them. Poor little guy. I would have him tested as soon as they will do it!!

  3. Those pics are GREAT!! So absolutely perfect! What a handsome little guy.

  4. you put him in the cutest clothes! Poor little Cole and his sad food allergies. You're not a bad mother, you'll never know how he responds unless you try it. I love the pic of Cole and Cannon together! They both look so handsome!