Monday, April 20, 2009

6 Months Old!!!!!!

I can't believe my baby boy is already six months old. It seems he is growing up all too quickly. Everyday there is something new he learns or does that is different. I have a few little anecdotes for you - I'm not so hot at writing in a journal for Cole so this blog will have to do!

Cole will sit in the swing beside our desk while I'm working at the computer. He doesn't like to lay back in it so I prop him up with a blanket. Well, he discovered a new "toybox", namely our trash can before I emptied it! He was having a field day pulling all the paper out!

Friday night Rick and I went to a dinner and listened to Janice Kapp Perry and her husband speak. The event was put on by the Austin Management Society (chapter of BYU management societies) of which Rick is now the President-Elect. Grandma and Grandpa Rees watched Cole for us and Grandpa couldn't wait to tell us what Cole did on the piano. Almost every day I will sit at the piano with Cole on my lap and we will play. It takes his entire upper body to push the keys down but he loves it. He will even sit still as I accompany the primary children as they sing in church. Anyway, Grandpa was playing on the piano with him and Cole was moving his hands as usual when my dad says Cole decided it was better to put his little hands on Grandpa's and let him show him how to play. I wish I'd been here to see it (and get a pic of those two hands playing)! Grandma Rees has her own little thrills with Cole too. I've never seen it but she swears he throws his arms up in the air and starts whining for her whenever she comes to meet Grandpa as he's babysitting.

On Saturday Cole officially sat up on his own. I'll sit him up and try to let go and he'll be okay for a few seconds but it's me letting him go. Well Saturday was different. We were playing and he was sitting and holding my hands for balance when all of the sudden he let go of my left hand and then let go of my right hand and sat there (although a bit wobbly) for a good minute or two before he toppled. I sat him back up and he immediately let go of me. My little man - He thinks he's such a big boy now. He wants to sit up BY HIMSELF all the time now.

I'm glad he's making these developments but I'm in no rush to have him really crawl or anything. (I don't even want him seeing babies crawl or walk because I'm just not ready for that!) I don't think I'll be able to contain him though and he might just skip crawling all together. Sunday morning he was sitting and playing in front of this mirror. (What do you think of that CRAZY hair?!)

Cole likes to stand so I stood him up and instead of holding onto my hands I had him hold on to the sides of the mirror, when all of the sudden, just like he did with sitting, he let go with his left hand and then started to let go with his right when I grabbed him - NO WAY am I letting him stand on his own or even try it right now!! I need my baby to stay a baby!

The funniest but unexplainable little event happened Saturday afternoon as well. I was holding Cole on my hip as we were walking around the yard. (I was measuring the perimeter of the fence since we are replacing it soon.) All of the sudden Cole started laughing. I looked at him to see what was so funny but he just stared at me. I proceeded with measuring again and he started laughing - well he laughed SO HARD that milk came out of his nose!!!!!!!!!!! Cole doesn't really belly laugh very often so for him to laugh and then squirt milk was crazy exciting. I was dying to know what was so funny! Sadly, it could have just been a tickle in his nose from allergens or something too. It was hilarious nonetheless. Too bad I didn't get a picture of all that milky goodness on his face!

Cole will sit in his bouncy seat in the bathroom as I shower and get ready. I was blow drying my hair and when I turned around this is how Cole had rearranged himself in the seat! He was thoroughly enjoying sucking his socks and lounging but stopped when I pulled out the camera. I think I'm going to have to start buckling him into the seat!

And one last little fact - Cole will usually start crying - I mean REALLY crying - when he sees another baby or toddler crying. Since he almost never cries it always shocks me when he does. We were at a friend's home today when her daughter started crying because her kite broke. Cole was a mess he was so upset. He would calm down but then the little girl would start crying again and he'd start back up. My friend heard that babies that do that are developing compassion or empathy. I certainly wouldn't be surprised. Cole already shows many tendancies to be like his father - and Rick has the biggest heart and love for others.

Well, we go to the doctor tomorrow for his check-up (and shots - ew). We were told something today that Rick and I have never heard about Cole: that he looks big for his age! He's so light and small but he is tall and he does have sort of an older looking face - maybe because he's so observant. I'm pretty sure that's where the comment came from because trust me - he isn't big!

And just for fun - a close up of the boy eating his toes.

P.S. We can't wait for Grandpa Poling's Visit!!!


  1. Kristina that was the best post ever! I love the little stories- from getting teary about the Grandpa piano story, to laughing about the milk coming out of his nose!! And those are some GREAT pics, especially the mirror one and the top one of him and Rick. Blogs are the BEST journal, I so wish I had them when all of my kids were little!!!!! Thanks for the smiles tonight! Hugs!

  2. I absolutely adore the first picture with Rick! That is the best smile! And that would have been wonderful to witness Cole and Dad on the Piano!