Friday, March 27, 2009

Feet, Babbles and Cars

Cole has become quite the talker. In just the past two days he talks almost nonstop when he's awake. He used to only do it when he was upset or tired. But now unless he is studying something new or distracted by toys, he babbles. What's funny to me is that it almost always sounds like he's telling a sad story. The other night when we were reading a book before bed, Rick commented that it sounds like he is reading the story (since he feels he most hold the book with mommy too).

Also new in his development is he now enjoys grabbing his feet. Sometimes it makes it very difficult to change his diaper now because of it. I love watching him entertain himself with his play and babbles. Despite the fact that Cole HAS rolled from his tummy to his back, he seems to have forgotten. I can't get him to do it again at all. Little stinker. But he does enjoy rolling onto his side from his back. He can reach his feet better that way!

My friend Catherine got Cole some super cool sunglasses. We have some fabulous weather here lately so Cole and I laid outside for a bit and later took a stroll with his sunglasses on. What a stud!

Rick left this morning for Colorado. Why? To pick up a new car for us (used to the rest of the world). I'm super excited to see it! Rick has been wanting a "fun" car that is still somewhat practical for a family. This one allows him to enjoy one of his favorite things - riding with the windows down - except this is ALL the way down. See for yourself!

Hope he makes it back safe. Although it's beautiful and 70's here, he said it's snowing and 30's in Colorado. Lucky for him the drive back brings him through cities he lived in while serving a mission there. Guess who I don't expect to be coming back in too much of a hurry?!

Oh yes, and the marks on Cole's face is because he really, REALLY scratches his skin ALL the time. Poor guy has eczema. I do all I can to keep it from getting dry and peeling and keep his fingernails short, but sometimes it gets away from me. It's worst on his forehead and the back of his knees though he has other patches on the back of his head and on his tummy. He scratches his head and tries to scratch the back of his knees but since he doesn't know how to get there he ends up scratching the tops of them. The kid was doomed to have bad skin though with both Rick's psoriasis and my sensitivities!


  1. I can empathize with you about the eczema, both my girls have it, and sometimes your best just doesn't cut it. That is too bad, I feel sorry for Cole. He is still as cute as ever. Congrats on the car, it looks fancy!

  2. You must know two Tiff's! This is Tiff Smith. I like the car. Doesn't look very practical to me, but practical = minivan at this house so...ya. Can't wait to get rid of the minivan. Cole's video cracked me up. He does sound like he's telling a very sad story. Love the green stroller and green glasses. Reminded me of a similar picture we have of Logan at the same age. Very cute!

  3. Oh, and Eiley has Eczema as well. I think you can use Elidel on a young baby. It's not a steroid. It has SAVED US. That, and I have to wash her things in dye-free, perfume-free soap, she only wears 100% cotton, and her bath soap is California Baby perfume-free, dye-free, paraben free. All those things help to keep it under control. Ask your doctor if he's old enough for Elidel, though. It's worth a shot.

  4. My nephew is a handsome stud!