Monday, March 2, 2009

4 Month Update

Just thought I'd post these pics taken of Cole after we got home from the doctor last week. Look at the rolls he's getting on his legs. He looks big and healthy to me so I don't know how he's only the 10th percentile for weight. I did just realize that he grew 2 inches in 6 weeks though! He really handled the shots so much better this time. However, he was vaccinated for "whooping cough" and oddly enough has developed a rather loud "barking" cough. It isn't all day coughing so I'm not worried...yet.

He now smiles and gets excited when you clap your hands. He also tilts his head and does his half-smile when Mom laughs. He knows he's dang cute!

And this photo just makes me laugh...he is one crazy boy!


  1. Percentiles are so hard. Emmalee is healthy in every way, except percentile wise. Just keep doing what you're doing. He is getting bigger, so it must be working. He is still cute as ever.

  2. he has such great eyes! So big and beautiful!