Sunday, February 15, 2009


We got Cole a Bumbo chair this week. He's still a little unsure if he likes it or not. He has to be in a good mood to sit in it. Otherwise he stretches his legs out and pushes really hard, making it impossible to "bend and sit". I love to see him in it though. He looks totally laid back and chill. It's the cutest! His favorite seat is still the bouncy chair. It probably always will be.

He's doing so much better at tummy time. In general he is spitting up less and has improved DRAMATICALLY this week as far as napping. As I type he is asleep in the crib and has been for 2 1/2 hours. I mean seriously, the CRIB!! during the day! This is so exciting! Previously, he would only last at most a 1/2 hour in the crib. He started falling asleep on his own in the car seat which is still his preferred napping place. In addition, we had one night this week where Cole slept 9 hours STRAIGHT! Boy, do we want that to happen again! It's so nice to see our little boy maturing. :-) We want him to stay small, but let us SLEEP for goodness sake.

Last Sunday he and Daddy were playing on the floor. It was the cutest ever. Cole was chatting it up with him and just so cuddly. Cole really enjoys telling us exactly what he's thinking - good or bad!

Oh ... and I reorganized the blogpage so we can post bigger pictures - for the grandparents, ya know?


  1. Well you already know I think he is the most adorable baby!!!! Love the new pictures, and LOOK how strong he looks!! Glad he is sleeping better, SO glad!!! :) Love your sweet little man! HUGS! Christina

  2. kristina, your baby is precious and i love your use of the word wonky. thanks for reading my blog. i find that blogging about motherhood keeps my wild children from driving me nuts!
    ps-and don't you just love erin steele???

  3. cole is amazing and beautiful!