Monday, January 5, 2009

Catching up

So with the holidays, visitors and being sick I got a little behind on posts - sorry! As I was going through our many photos of Cole I came across this little video I thought I deleted accidentally. Turns out I didn't. So here is a clip from Cole's first week of life. He is just so little here, whereas now we are almost out of newborn sizes altogether! Oh and the few videos I've put on here have very poor resolution - sorry! (Also I'm having issues linking to the shutterfly pictures instead of loading them to blogger...excuse all the white framing)

So here are a few pics from Week 9 of our little cutie.

Grandpa Rees and Cole Snoozin'

Cole was having a great time with Uncle Robert
until he decided he had enough!

Daddy has become a pro-baby bather and gives him one most evenings before bed.

Cole is quite the cuddler - even while burping

Our little man likes the camera and tends to make funny faces by opening his eyes REALLY wide. He also likes to blow bubbles, especially in the evenings.

He started improving his sleeping and became less fussy...

But even though that was short-lived as the holidays and a house full of visitors caused him a big setback, how can you lose patience with a face like this!

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