Friday, January 30, 2009

Blogging Once More

I know it's been a few weeks since I posted anything. That is because we have been a bunch of sickies in this house. First, Cole got his first vaccinations. This threw him backward about 6 weeks in behavior. He wouldn't sleep, he was cranky all day and it continued for 5 days! Finally we took him back to the doctor when I noticed him spitting up a lot more again and then screaming after doing so. They agreed that we could increase his Prilosec another 0.5ml. He's on the maximum amount for his weight but after only 1 day his behavior returned to normal and I had a happy baby again! But then Rick got terribly sick with a bad cold which developed into a Sinus infection - he is still recovering. He has had it over 10 days! Ugh. And of course, Cole and I got the sniffles too. Then to make matters even more confusing I thought I was coming down with the flu Sunday night as I had the chills for 3 hours. I couldn't stop shaking. I finally fell asleep and when I awoke my fever was 103.5. I was pretty sure however that it wasn't the flu but an infection in my breast. The fever finally went down after a lot of medicine and ice packs. I saw the doctor the next morning and agreed that is what it was. Thank goodness for medicine!! That fever was horrendous! I'm just glad it was nothing that would affect Cole.

So now we're back to a "healthy" status and Cole is smiling more than ever. He is even trying to laugh. He thinks it's hilarious to touch mom's face while she's singing - of course I'm helping him out there. I need Rick around to get a picture or film because otherwise Cole sees the camera and stops everything. He still can't figure out why we keep pointing this thing in his face!

We didn't take too many pictures but Rick caught us last night right before putting Cole in the tub for his bedtime bath. Oh, and another event is I cut his hair - just a little! I couldn't stand it hanging over his ears and down his neck. Well, I don't know what happened on the left side - it's a little short but I'm still glad I cut it!

Hopefully we'll be back to regular postings now!


  1. Ok, I know I haven't seen him in over a week, but he looks huge!!! He's getting crinkles in his butt!

  2. wow! he looks SO much older now!! how sweet! i hope things are going great!

  3. He is so cute and growing up so fast. I sent you an e-mail letting you know I FINALLY started a blog. If you didn't get it, let me know. It's great to see you are doing so well.


  4. He has gotten so big!!! how old is he now??

    Im glad y'all are all getting better and back on your feet! good luck!

  5. Oh I love that picture!! You're both so beautiful!!!