Monday, January 5, 2009

All I Want for Christmas...

Granda and Grandpa Solotes and Aunt Natalie, Jillian and Kaitlyn came for the Christmas holidays. Unfortunately, Rick, Skip and I were all sick with awful sinus problems. Mine even developed into an ear infection. A few weeks after Cole's birth I started losing feeling in my arms when I would lie down on my side. Then it moved to my legs and then at random points in the day I would lose feeling and it would get pretty painful or I would get pins and needles. It was the worst ever the week between Christmas and New Years. I started seeing a Chiropractor about it and finally got an MRI on New Year's Eve. We don't have the radiologist report but my neck/spine is definitely to blame as it is starting to intrude at c7 on the spinal chord. This explains the arms but not quite the legs. I've been doing some exercises all this week and I've noticed a definite lessening in frequency and pain. But sadly, I wasn't much good company while they were here. We still had a great time with them here.

Cole didn't sleep much while there were visiting either. I just don't think he was used to all the activity and people around. So we had a fussy, crying baby much of the time as well. I really don't remember him being so bad, but since I was sick it might have seemed a lot worse to me than it really was.

Cole sleeping (wow!) in the Indians sleeper from Grandma and Grandpa Poling!
Actually, from all the pictures taken of him when he was asleep you would think he slept all the time! A BIG thanks to Grandma Solotes for rocking and rocking and rocking him so I could rest and recuperate at least a little!

Unfortunately, this wish didn't come true...

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