Tuesday, January 6, 2009

7 Hours of Sleep!

I think Baby Cole has decided he wants to "grow up" too. I was well prepared to let him cry last night too. I fed him at 6:30 and then Jefra and Ryan came over to watch him while Rick and I went to dinner for our 4th Anniversary. Jefra said he fell asleep at 8PM and just woke up a few times until 9PM. She just gave him the pacifier and he went back to sleep. Well, he didn't wake up until 3AM! I gave him the pacifier and he settled down but I was WANTING him to eat at that point just for me. He ate, but very little and then fell asleep again. Maybe tomorrow will be even longer. But his naps today still aren't going well. He's crying as I type. He just thinks those 15 minute naps are sufficient or something!


  1. Way to go COLE!! I hope this is a sign of things to come! Good luck with naps, too! HUGS!! Christina

  2. Way to go MOM, DAD and Cole. Maybe you all will get a good night sleep soon. Also, Happy 4th Anniversary. Love Grandpa Poling

  3. Such cute, cute pictures! He's so cute you could just eat him up, couldn't you!? I love your blog. I forgot to tell you ours is private...or did I? Anyway, email me and I'll email you back a link to get on. Sorry!