Monday, October 27, 2008

Tired & Yellow

We brought Cole home Wednesday evening about 7:00PM. Originally, we thought we would be able to leave at noon, but because my waters had broke over 18 hours prior to his arrival they wanted to keep him a full 48 hours. Rick was in class so Jefra came to pick me up. Because 7:00 is the shift change for the nurses we ended up getting to leave without me being a wheelchair. I LOVED that. I'm just not one for being wheeled around. He was 5 lbs when we left the hospital. Newborn clothes just swim on him. NB Onesies fit okay but picked up a few preemie outfits as well as preemie diapers - the Newborn diapers just kept leaking! Thanks to Diane for bringing sharing a few more preemie outfits with us!

Thursday morning we took Cole to his pediatrician who decided he wanted to test him for jaundice levels. He was always a little yellow in the hospital but when they checked him the levels were low and they didn't put him under the lights. I thought the test was just a heel prick. WRONG! It's a heel prick pulling an entire vial of blood from that little heel. When the nurse walked in to take the blood she said to me, "Now all mom's cry." I thought to myself, "Why would she say that? How weird." Next thing I now Cole is screaming in my arms. I am okay until I look down at him and see the look of pure pain. Then I don't know what came over me but the tears freely flowed. I blame most of it on lack of sleep but Rick banned me from the room for all future pricks, pokes and shots because he can't handle Cole and me crying. I'm totally fine with that! I was mad at the doctor at first because I thought it was a bit unnecessary. His heel bled for 2 whole days afterwards!

Here's my Yellow Baby - Still SO CUTE!

Turns out that day and night were horrendous as we had a jaundice "drugged" baby I could barely keep awake long enough to eat anything. One second he would scream for food and then fall asleep before he would even latch! Mom got maybe 2 hours of sleep that night but her efforts paid off. The jaundice started clearing. The doctor called on Friday with the test results and confirmed that his levels were high. Because of his little size the levels can rise really quickly. Saturday morning we took him in and I was dreading another blood test but we didn't need one since his alert moments had improved, his diaper changes were regular and he had gained 3oz in just two days (the average is 1oz per day)! He is just like his daddy - LOVES food!

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  1. Oh he is just an angel!!! I can't wait to meet him!!!

    The 2 week Dr appt will make you cry, too, just so you know...