Monday, October 27, 2008

First Week in Pictures

Daddy & Cole - Rick is just so adorable with Cole. He gives him lots of kisses and is just so gentle. Once I asked him to wake Cole up so I could feed him and it was more soothing sounds and gentle strokes on his face - probably making him more sleepy! Daddy is just so in love with his baby boy. It is so beautiful to see them together - it makes me love them both even more!

Cole's 1st Walk - we walked to Ryan and Jefra's new home - only about 1/4 mile away! We'll be going here lots. He LOVES his car seat which fits nicely in our stroller. He may not look it but he is VERY content whenever we put him in it. Although we learned last night that he gets very scared driving in the dark car. Mom had to jump in the backseat, turn on the light and talk him through it before he calmed down. Otherwise he loves the car ride!

Cole loves to put his hands together like this - our praying son already! However, it was while taking this shot of him doing so while grandma held him that we realized one arm was purple! Eek! We don't really know why but figured something was cutting off the circulation. We pulled him away and unwrapped him from his blankets and the color quickly returned. I've been cautious to look for this while holding him now just in case. He's so small I'm sure his circulation isn't the strongest either so any tight hold might be just too much. But back to praying - he falls asleep like this in his bassinett too!! Ugh - too adorable!!

Sunbathing - for jaundice. He LOVES the sun. Even if he is fussy he'll calm right down while lying in the sun. Again - just like daddy!

This picture shows just how long his legs and arms are compared to his body - and his long feet! The preemie outfits fit his size well but we have to be careful of the length because his legs are so long he pushes right through the sleepers!

Mom is getting used to the schedule and gaining her energy back (it helps that he has eaten like clockwork - every three hours - for the past two nights). Our little guy is such an angel.

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