Sunday, July 22, 2007


Jade and JT spent the evening with Aunt Kristina. While eating dinner T was just being a clown making one funny face after another so I grabbed my camera and here ya go - my little T-bird!
We had the movie Cars on in the background as we colored. All of the sudden, Jade stands up and starts dancing. But her bony little butt couldn't hold up her pants and they just fell down. Like a real comedic pro she hammed it up and continued to dance and do it all again. T had to join in the fun too but of course he had to actually PULL his pants down. It was really so funny to watch them!!
We had such a blast coloring and playing with Rick's crazy Halloween wigs. Here are more of the fun pics. They two crazy kids are just like their Dad though, continually joking around and being silly with non-stop energy. They make everyone laugh and then they bring on the hugs and you just melt. Being an Aunt is the BEST!

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