Sunday, April 8, 2007

Where's the Bathroom?

The weather across the nation Easter weekend was cold and rainy, there was even sleet in Texas. Dad, Kylene and Jefra were kind enough to cover all of our flowers at home so they wouldn’t freeze to death. We are so grateful.

However, we in southern Florida were enjoying sunny days though they were a bit windy and not hot enough to prompt swimming in the ocean. I say that, but oddly enough the water was quite warm. We just didn’t like the idea of getting out of it into a cool breeze! But we did enjoy the beach. The breeze was nice and we all relaxed and forgot about all the stress of home.

Natalie was not as thrilled about relaxing as we were because she only could think of one thing - using the bathroom. There was a restroom down the beach but she had to go so bad she didn’t think she would make it. She urged us to go and we simply told her to go in the water. That thought made her shiver and she didn’t want to do it. But needless to say, her bladder told her otherwise. So the only one in the water that day was Natalie - squatting and crossing her fingers as she pleaded with her bladder to just let go! Thanks for the laugh Natalie!

For more pics of Natalie using the bathroom, click here.

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